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Product name : Thermostat Valve Kit Suitable for Ingersoll Rand Compressor
Item : 39441944
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We are specializing in Atlas Copco thermostatic valve kit,Ingersoll Rand thermostatic valve kit,Sullair thermostatic valve kit,VMC thermostatic valve kit,Mattei thermostatic valve kit,Kobelco thermostatic valve kit,Quincy thermostatic valve kit and various other brands.
Our thermostatic valve and thermodynamic wax type components with  different specification ,different temperature,different materials,different pressure.
We use the materials such as NBR, HNBR, viton which unable to meet different harsh environments requirement.

1619759600 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622706401 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622706402 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622706403 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622706404 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622706405 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622706406 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1614911400 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1619756000 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622707002 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901007400 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622375980 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622375981 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622375982 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622375900 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622375901 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1622375902 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1202586901 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1202586902 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1202586904 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1202586903 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1202586905 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901044700 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901083800 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1613706401 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
1619759602 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901145400 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901146400 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901145500 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901041400 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901161600 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901161700 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit
2901030300 Atlas Copco Thermastatic Valve Kit

37952280 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
37952272 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
37952256 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
37952231 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
37952223 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
37952215 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
37952207 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
35237841 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
35237833 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32228207 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32228199 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32228181 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32228173 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32213878 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32213860 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32213811 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
32213803 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
39417795 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
39442439 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
92855196 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
92535400 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
92981570 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
93491579 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
93491579 Ingersoll Rand Thermastatic Valve Kit
CT2200-16 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
22331-005 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
20344-008 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
20344-010 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
22331-053 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
140147 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
140147-2 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
FPE2050-190 1804-11 185200 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
125657-053 ELEMENT,VALVE,THERMO,140F Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
125657-055 FPE:1560-180 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
125657-056 ELEMENT,VALVE,THERMO,180F Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
125657-058 ELEMENT,VALVE,THERMO,160F Qincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
125657-059 ELEMENT,VALVE,THERMO,160F Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
125657-067 KT,VALVE,THERMO,190F Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
124973-056 FPE:1060-180 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
126657-013 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
110561-130 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
20344-010 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
FPE1560-190 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
2109365 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
2115542 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
2115543 Quincy Thermastatic Valve Kit
A11513574 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
3515C Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
A11511974 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
A11447774 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
A11244474 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
11203274 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
11375374 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
10594074 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
100010134 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
100010137 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
11175274 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit
11175374 Compair Thermastatic Valve Kit

Jardwell Industrial Co., Ltd.  is one of leading supplier and exporters of alternative air compressor parts. Making use of high-grade raw materials, we manufacture flawless range of products. Our products are standardized as per prescribed quality standards and can be customized as per the details of our valued clients. 

Our parts covering:
1.Service Kit:Check Valve Kit,Unloading Valve Kit,Oil Stop Valve Kit,Thermostat Valve Kit,Cooler Kit
Minimum Pressure Valve Kit(MPV Kit),Blow Down Valve Kit,Blow off Valve Kit,Drain Valve Kit,Overhaul Kit,Bearing Kit,Flexmaster Joint Kit
2.Sensors: Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor. 
3. Controller: Panel Controller 
4 .Valves: Solenoid Valve, Relief Valve, Thermostatic Valve, Thermal Control Valve, Thermostatic Valve Element, Proportional Valve, Capacity Control Valve, Pressure Maintaining Valve,Inlet Valve, Safety Valve, Control Valve, Expansion Valve, Check Valve, Shuttle Valve, Automatic Drain Valve,Pressure Regulator. 
5 Filters: Air Filter, Oil filter, Separator. 
6 Air end parts: Bearing, Oil Seal, Bushing, Gears, Gear Shaft, Overhaul Kit. 
7 Cooling system: Fan, Radiator, Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Intercooler, Secondary Cooler. 
8 Switch: Pressure Switch, Temperature Switch 
9 Transmission: Coupling, Plum Pad, Elastic Block, Gears, Gear Shaft. 
10. Hose: Air Intake Hose, High Pressure Pipe. 
11 Buffer pieces: Cushion, Expansion Joint, Expansion Valve, Plum Pad, Elastic Block. 
12 Meters: Timer, Temperature Switch, Temperature Monitor, Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Table, Oil Indicator 
Why Us?
Being one of the renowned organization in the industry of alternative air compressor parts, we have been able to leave our contenders far behind. Owing to the impeccability of our range and assiduity of the team force, we have succeeded in gratifying the ever growing requirements of our clients. Some of the key strengths, which differentiate us from our competitors, are as cited below:
Easy payment modes
Stringent quality control
Ethical business practices
On-time delivery 
Industry leading prices
Trusted Quality
We are a quality driven organization. We lay strong emphasis on maintaining highest industrial standards in our range of o-ring,seal kit, bearing ,coupling,gears, spring, etc. Moreover, we make sure that premium grade raw materials are used for the manufacturing purpose. In addition, we have appointed an experienced team of quality auditors who takes care of all the quality related issues throughout the manufacturing process. They also check the manufactured products on various parameters after the completion of production process. 

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Thermostat Valve Kit Suitable for Atlas Copco Compressor
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