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Product name : 1089057526 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
Item : 1089057526
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1089057400 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057401 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057402 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057403 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057404 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057451 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057405 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057406 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057407 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057412 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057414 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057435 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057440 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057445 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057449 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057455 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057470 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057471 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057473 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089067470 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057472 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057444 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057464 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057408 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057441 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057416 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057480 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057446 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
1089057501 Atlas Copco Temperature Sensor
39586227 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
37952439 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
392716109 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
39952355 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
39560628 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
37952355 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
36898922 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
22137848 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
39585146 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
88304019 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
92626062 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
39921713 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
92926062 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
39538079 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
39921705 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
38433546 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
42853243 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
85652535 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
39568092 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Sensor
250039-909 Sullair Temperature Sensor
02250044-985 Sullair Temperature Sensor
02250058-087 Sullair Temperature Sensor
2200702804 LuiTech Temperature Sensor
639002803P Boge Temperature Sensor
639001702P Boge Temperature Sensor
2205414003 LuiTech Temperature Sensor
ZS1050642 Gardner Denver Temperature Sensor
21D264 Gardner Denver Temperature Sensor
100003018 CompAir Temperature Sensor
100002946 CompAir Temperature Sensor
A10630674 CompAir Temperature Sensor
A03740577 CompAir Temperature Sensor
100010275 CompAir Temperature Sensor
98612-126 CompAir Temperature Sensor
100003108 CompAir Temperature Sensor
100010778 CompAir Temperature Sensor
143754 Qincy Temperature Sensor
1089057541 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957974 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089049251 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089065957 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057551 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057544 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057554 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057528 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057578 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057574 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057534 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057535 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057564 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057565 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057514 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057512 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057526 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962532 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962533 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962534 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962535 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962536 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057533 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057573 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057510 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057511 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957955 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962514 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057545 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962516 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962512 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962513 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962537 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057502 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057540 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057558 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057538 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057521 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057525 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057515 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957980 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957960 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057504 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057516 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057503 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057523 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057553 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962518 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057556 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057506 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057509 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057530 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057517 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057537 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957954 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957660 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089057555 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089051507 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957905 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089962505 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957902 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
1089957903 Atlas Copco Pressure Sensor
23800584 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39875539 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39877618 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39853791 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
23700370 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39853809 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
42852483 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
54592092 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39538061 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39929436 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
22486633 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
23451867 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
23451859 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
22483341 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
22359632 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39929435 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
36920825 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
54496773 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
22275879 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
54765946 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39853775 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
39853783 Ingersoll Rand Pressure Sensor
02250141-442 Sullair Pressure Sensor
02250182-800 Sullair Pressure Sensor
250039-910 Sullair Pressure Sensor
88290003-806 Sullair Pressure Sensor
2200702803 LuiTech Pressure Sensor
2200702805 LuiTech Pressure Sensor
635007901P Boge Pressure Sensor
635009901P Boge Pressure Sensor
88H359 Fusheng Pressure Sensor
88H242 Fusheng Pressure Sensor
09Q060G1936 CompAir Pressure Sensor
A100003136 CompAir Pressure Sensor
A98612-120 CompAir Pressure Sensor
98612-122 CompAir Pressure Sensor
98612-130 CompAir Pressure Sensor
060G1936 CompAir Pressure Sensor
100001684 CompAir Pressure Sensor
A11190974 CompAir Pressure Sensor
A11507074 CompAir Pressure Sensor
1089063725 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089063717 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089050231  Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089050205  Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089050230  Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089063718 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089063703 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089037650 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089063709 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089063713 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089037611 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089063716 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
1089050218 Atlas Copco Temperature Switch
37952264 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
39438536 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
36865756 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
39419668 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
39428305 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
92688597 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
39428305 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
39416128 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
39413307 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
37952421 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
92762756 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
39429212 Ingersoll Rand Temperature Switch
1089057543 Atlas Copco DP Sensor
1089066010 Atlas Copco DP Sensor
1089057520 Atlas Copco DP Sensor
1089962501 Atlas Copco DP Sensor
2205460900 LuiTech DP Sensor
2205462100 LuiTech DP Sensor
1901056177 Atlas Copco Cable
1621395100 Atlas Copco Cable
1622066301 Atlas Copco Cable
2236026400 Atlas Copco Cable
39875570 Ingersoll Rand Cable

Jardwell Industrial Co., Ltd.  is one of leading supplier and exporters of alternative air compressor parts. Making use of high-grade raw materials, we manufacture flawless range of products. Our products are standardized as per prescribed quality standards and can be customized as per the details of our valued clients. 

Our parts covering:
1.Service Kit:Check Valve Kit,Unloading Valve Kit,Oil Stop Valve Kit,Thermostat Valve Kit,Cooler Kit
Minimum Pressure Valve Kit(MPV Kit),Blow Down Valve Kit,Blow off Valve Kit,Drain Valve Kit,Overhaul Kit,Bearing Kit,Flexmaster Joint Kit
2.Sensors: Temperature Sensor, Pressure Sensor. 
3. Controller: Panel Controller 
4 .Valves: Solenoid Valve, Relief Valve, Thermostatic Valve, Thermal Control Valve, Thermostatic Valve Element, Proportional Valve, Capacity Control Valve, Pressure Maintaining Valve,Inlet Valve, Safety Valve, Control Valve, Expansion Valve, Check Valve, Shuttle Valve, Automatic Drain Valve,Pressure Regulator. 
5 Filters: Air Filter, Oil filter, Separator. 
6 Air end parts: Bearing, Oil Seal, Bushing, Gears, Gear Shaft, Overhaul Kit. 
7 Cooling system: Fan, Radiator, Heat Exchangers, Oil Coolers, Intercooler, Secondary Cooler. 
8 Switch: Pressure Switch, Temperature Switch 
9 Transmission: Coupling, Plum Pad, Elastic Block, Gears, Gear Shaft. 
10. Hose: Air Intake Hose, High Pressure Pipe. 
11 Buffer pieces: Cushion, Expansion Joint, Expansion Valve, Plum Pad, Elastic Block. 
12 Meters: Timer, Temperature Switch, Temperature Monitor, Pressure Gauge, Vacuum Table, Oil Indicator 
Why Us?
Being one of the renowned organization in the industry of alternative air compressor parts, we have been able to leave our contenders far behind. Owing to the impeccability of our range and assiduity of the team force, we have succeeded in gratifying the ever growing requirements of our clients. Some of the key strengths, which differentiate us from our competitors, are as cited below:
Easy payment modes
Stringent quality control
Ethical business practices
On-time delivery 
Industry leading prices
Trusted Quality
We are a quality driven organization. We lay strong emphasis on maintaining highest industrial standards in our range of o-ring,seal kit, bearing ,coupling,gears, spring, etc. Moreover, we make sure that premium grade raw materials are used for the manufacturing purpose. In addition, we have appointed an experienced team of quality auditors who takes care of all the quality related issues throughout the manufacturing process. They also check the manufactured products on various parameters after the completion of production process. 

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